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We are Webflow web design experts for ambitious brands.

Why Webflow?

Quite simply, it's the best, Most powerful and most Flexible CMS

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1/ Research and strategy

Each website project starts with a discovery session to understand the market, the business goals and the customers' needs and desires.
What does the website need to achieve?
What does the customer need to understand from the website?
Are there currently any communication issues, or frustrations?

Answers to these questions will align the website to the business goals and objectives.

2/ Design

This is where we bring the website to life, aligning it with the brand personality and visual identity.

Our strategic and verbal approach is what glues the company together and drives who you are, what you say, and how you dress. It’s what gives your brand personality. We work with you to build a set of attributes that will go on to describe the brand and steer any future marketing communications. We define what you do and how you do it. These are usually descriptive, nuts and bolts, functional, ‘doing’ and ‘process’ statements.

We work with you to set-out the long-term ambitions of the company - either linked to legacy ‘mission/ vision’ statements or written afresh.

3/ Appearance

This can sometimes be the trickiest and most subjective part of the branding process. This is because it’s the part that most people see, and it’s easy for emotions to steer the design process. This is why it’s crucial to have an understanding of the target audience at a deep level. Personas can help to bring focus, making sure design aligns with the customer preference.

Starting with your name and tagline, we dive deep into how your brand looks, both visually and verbally. We refer to a brand as being like a person, and just like a person we develop a way of talking and dressing (logo, image style, fonts etc).

When the designs are finalised, you are provided with a style bible, and all the design assets to use in your communications and brand activations. The final part of the appearance stage is creating you a Webflow website that will become one of the more important touchpoints for your brand.

4/ Roadmap

This last step is where we turn theory into action.
A brand is useless without a plan of action. We take a 30,000ft view on the company and its long term goals. With this information, we can plan this into the final roadmap.

Based on the identified brand gaps, market gaps and opportunity gaps, it is now time to turn the problems into solutions and solutions into actions so that we can bridge the gaps!

We are fiercely passionate about brand success, our process aligns business goals with audience needs through an actionable and measurable roadmap.

What Our clienTs say

"Warren and the team at ROAR have done an amazing job of re-energising the Wexer brand which has subsequently had a positive impact on our global sales."
Lucy Button
"The quality of work and volume of contribution that Warren and his team at ROAR have provided  to TEDx over the past 3 years has been phenomenal."
Liu Batchelor
"Always great working with Roar. The creative work produced is second to none."
Diane Dever
Folkestone Harbour Arm
"A great agency to work with, particularly on digital content and brand development. Thoroughly recommend them."
Olivia Tuohy
Andy Tuohy Design
We found the process of our new website to be really straight forward with all the support we needed. The help and support we have been provided with has been excellent and very professional.
Sian Dellaway
"Roar provided an excellent service for us. Lovely looking website, and super prompt and helpful if we ever had any questions."
Dan Johannsen
Harbour Screen

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