If you love skating, you’ve probably heard of Folkestone F51.

Situated in Folkestone, the world’s first-ever multi-story skatepark will be opening its doors next Summer. The skatepark contains four floors, which will contain a boxing club, a cafe, three levels of the skatepark and a climbing wall.

Designed by Guy Hollaway Architects, the sports venue will provide a space where people can enjoy sports activities at all levels. Today, it is thought that 45% of skateboarders are aged between 12 and 17, with the majority of others either being younger or in their twenties.

The skatepark has been designed to cater for people of all levels and will allow visitors to engage with a range of sports. As well as boxing, skateboarding and climbing, BMX and bouldering will also be introduced. Each floor offers a different experience and is suited to those with different skills and abilities.

On Wednesday 16th August, Flourish visited the skatepark to get an idea of the space and scale of the development. Here are some images of what the skatepark looks like so far and we thank Jenner for assisting us with the site visit. For more information go to the F51 website.

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