International women's day 2019 flexible working

At Flourish we support flexible working and believe these five steps can drive meaningful change in the creative industries, and help us reach female equality in the workplace more quickly.

  1. Promote a work/life balance. Value your team members based on productivity, experience, and results. Creativity shouldn't be measured on how many hours you're sat at your desk. Create a culture that works for the whole team, not just for team members that can work late and unnecessary hours. Use tools like Google Hangouts to make sure that people can easily attend meetings remotely.
  2. Don’t oversell how family-friendly you are. Employers can help by making sure that childcare vouchers schemes are in place. Make sure that policies that support equality are genuinely supported and not offered disingenuously, otherwise known as ‘false initiatives’.
  3. Remove the gender pay gap and be transparent about it. Promote market rate salary brackets for a role that are based on a job description and skills. Publish salaries online so they are completely transparent. Don’t perpetuate the gap by basing pay on previous salaries.
  4. Acknowledge and Reward Different Leadership StylesMen and women tend to lead in different ways. Men are typically comfortable with hierarchy and tend to promote themselves and their individual work. Women often lead in democratic, consensus-building ways, advocate for their teams and don't stand out as individual leaders. Hence, adding group accomplishments and team productivity into performance evaluations will reward women's collaborative leadership styles.
  5. Put policies in place for maternity and paternity leave. This will massively level the playing field for women of ‘a certain age’ and allow working fathers an opportunity to be more engaged with family life.

We love this TedX talk by Mother Pukka about ‘Flex Appeal’, ‘How to be a Happy Chicken’ and the benefits of flexible working to employers and employees.

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