In this article, you will learn some simple marketing tricks to increase awareness of key activities at your sports or fitness venue faster in five simple steps.The problem is you might be spending good money getting traffic to your website or have the odd leaflet produced but it's not converting into people through the door and sign-ups.• PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE. Make sure your mailing list is up to date and you are sending out regular, good quality sign-up emails and you have unobtrusive signup forms that are easy to read and filling.• Make sure you are promoting across multiple media from your social channels to your blog and website.• Make sure you deliver three valuable emails in the first week with more information on future activities.• Make sure you ask your new subscriber questions about what they are looking for in your automated emails.• Make sure all your communications have a clear call-to-action letting the user know how to sign-up or what to do next.Placing pop-ups on your website on every page with the same offer is a surefire way to annoy your visitors and hurt your conversion, whereas tagging your pop-ups to particular blog posts or pages will dramatically increase your conversions.Following these simple steps will have you on the right path and laying the foundations for more sign-ups and sales. For more information from Team Flourish, contact us on 01303 764252 or email

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