Finding your brand voice is integral to being successful on social media. Without a social media presence, many companies can struggle to bring their services into the hands of consumers who need them, but how do you make your health brand stand out from the competition? This article highlights three health and wellness brands who are killing it on social media, and what we can learn from them.

1. Weight Watchers

Encouraging people to lose weight by adopting a healthier relationship between food and exercise, on social, Weight Watchers share regular, motivational content. In addition to uploading recipes, the brand use video content to share stories of people who have followed the Weight Watchers programme.

Our Thoughts

Success stories are a huge part of Weight Watchers’ social output. As a health brand, you want to maintain a positive image— not just for yourself, but to encourage others. By including successful case studies, people’s doubts start to fade in a product and in themselves. Weight Watchers do a great job of maintaining a positive brand image, and this is evident through social media.Facebook: Weight WatchersInstagram: weightwatchersTwitter: @ww_uk

2. Fitbit

Being an all-new health and fitness smartwatch, Fitbit motivates you to reach your health and fitness goals by tracking your activity, exercise, sleep and weight.By using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube, Fitbit engages with their uses by asking for feedback on their favourite Fitbit challenges and the progress they’ve made so far. On top of this, the brand share health tips to consumers— one example of this being on World Sleep Day, showing their customers how to use Fitbit to get more sleep.

Our Thoughts

Social media posts need to build a sense of community and ask for interaction. Fitbit does just that. Like Weight Watchers, Fitbit also includes motivational stories from customers who have used their product. This post, for example, was incredibly successful, generating 27,140 interactions on Instagram alone.

Facebook: FitbitInstagram: fitbitTwitter: @fitbitYoutube: FitbitPinterest: fitbit

3. MindbodyGreen

Taking a 360 degree approach to wellness that incorporates mental, physical, spiritual and environmental well-being, on social, Mindbodygreen highlights the importance of a positive mindframe, while offering health advice, by using personalised video content.

Our Thoughts

Personalised video content is a great way to increase engagement from your followers. Not only can you incorporate motion into your posts, but you’re engaging your followers efficiently, without the need for copy.Facebook: mindbodygreenInstagram: mindbodygreenTwitter: @mindbodygreen

Implementing a Healthy Social Media Strategy

Creating a social media strategy is no piece of cake, but what can we learn from Weight Watchers, Fitbit and Mindbodygreen?

1. Focus on visuals

65% of people are visual learners and if there is one thing that Weight Watchers, Fitbit and Mindbodygreen have in common, it’s that they use social media to focus highly on imagery. Just take a look at their Instagram accounts. Remember to not only share what’s going on behind the scenes, but also include images that express the substance of your brand.

2. Ask for advice

Being successful on social media isn’t just about the amount of followers you have. If you’re not receiving engagement from your posts, it’s unlikely that your audience are buying into your product or service, (atleast on social media anyway).One way to encourage engagement is by opening up a discussion. Beyond uploading regular content, make your target audience and followers feel valued by asking their opinion or advice on a particular topic. It’s also a great way of generating feedback on your products or services.

3. Be encouraging

Health is all about fitness and motivation, and including success stories on social media is bound to encourage others to use your product or service. Feel free to add in some fitness tips too. That way, you can target a specific audience and people will want to find out more about your brand.While you’re here, we have question to ask. Are you need of some marketing help? BranchOut is for businesses of all shapes and sizes and it’s where brand success is made, covering strategy, websites, social and animations.

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