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Fresh Start Direct is the new benchmark in online tutoring. They bring exceptionally high-quality one-to-one teaching, that’s tailored to the individual child, into the comfort of the family home.

At the heart of everything they do, FSD believes that every child can learn and succeed if they’re taught in the right way.

brand development

The Brief: To create a brand and website that truly reflected the business and the excellent service they offer.

The Solution: We started the project by running a brand workshop. From this, we distilled the building blocks of the Fresh Start Direct brand. We created a striking visual identity that sets the brand apart from its competitors, combining gradient colours, strong typography, and a graphical pattern.

The identity was then carried through to a brand new website, social media campaigns and a feature video.

brand mark

The brand symbol

corporate identity

A graphic pattern treatment was created as a signature for the brand

An example of the pattern treatment when applied to collateral


Flourish designed and produced an explainer film, shot over two days at multiple locations. The film shows the product and how the Freshstart system is used.

Watch the full video

Freshstart explainer video


Example photographic styles

brand application

A modular system has been created to facilitate easy translation without the need for continual redesign - saving time, resources and money. The following images are a taste of collateral produced.


Flourish designed and developed the website in-house with functions for data capture, fully responsive and a CMS so the client can add or amend content.

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